SAVO "touch someone, make a difference"

Ssuubi ly'Abato Voluntary Organization (SAVO) is a child and community development organisation and is and shall always remain a social, non-denominational, non-political, and non-governmental organization.

Brenda is 11 years old. She needs a sponsor. Anyone interested to give her an opportunity to reach her dream of being a literate person in her community, please let me know and share details about her with you.


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January 1, 2017

On October 15, 2016, we were able to participate in the UNICEF Japan charity bazaar which took place in Osaka Japan. We exhibited the Uganda crafts made by our children and staff.

I am happy that many people were interested in our booth and this year we received many visitors including those who came last year.


I thank the SAVO Children who worked hard in making these crafts, staff, Ms. Shino Homma a staff of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Ms. Naomi Owaki, SAVO Japan community; Mr. Sato Yosuke and wife Ms. Cristina Akemi Yosuke who represented SAVO at the exhibition and Uganda students in Japan who supported us a lot.


Thank you everyone for the hard work you did for the success of our participation.


I thank UNICEF Japan for giving us the opportunity to participate in this noble activity. I am so happy for the opportunity that will enable us to participate with you every year.



















This project plan needs funds to build it. It will help us to have a room to provide quality education to our children. 

Please support us.

This morning Judith and Isaac prepared for school. They woke up early and dressed for school.

In these photos we can see Judith and Isaac waiting to be picked up to go to school .

I can be able to tell you that i have seen these children again putting on a huge smile. And please allow me to take a moment thanking Ms. Laurie and Beckie for giving the opportunity to these two angels.

I also share with you a few more photos after they had arrived to their new school.

God is good.