Literacy for inspiring development: Is designed to provide access to books to the young people. We believe this will help them acquire more knowledge and pick interest to become writers in future. 
SAVO house is aiming at setting up a well equipped public library center for children because there is no such a center in our community and the region at large where young people can gather for the purpose of leading books to add on their knowledge. It is very true that most schools have no libraries and if one has, there is not enough books and space for the children to read. This has limited children to access information and knowledge written in those books. 
Our target books are novels, story books and text books of school curriculum. This will help to promote literacy and development.

Basic education for the children and literate Adults is the backbone of the community in development, since education contributes to the reduction of both absolute and relative poverty. Geographically Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of illiteracy recorded at 71%, compared to the global rate of 91% (UNESCO). 
Basic education, in particular, helps to alleviate poverty by helping poor people improve their standard of living. Mothers with some education raise healthier families.
Children and youth who can read and handle numbers, gain access to information and thinking processes that give them more choices about how to behave in their families and the community. Adults can make more informed decisions about political and social events that affect the quality of their living standards.

As reading may not be fun for these children alone, the library guide staff shall be available to read for them as an inspiration and to boost their morale in reading. We believe that after a short period of time these groups of children shall be able to read by themselves and later read as individual persons. 
We shall make the parents themselves love this project and we plan to bring them together at the initial stages of the project and listen as we read inspiring stories for their children. And later we shall be setting up days and invite the parents/guardians to listen to their children as they read. This will help both children and their relatives to love, support and feel it as their own project which is established to help them become better people. 
We shall be charging a small/affordable fee as the community contribution to maintain and for expansion of the project as it’s our vision to establish a big public reading center.

We so much at this stage send our sincere appreciation to one of our Family (SAVO Family) Ms. Naomi Owaki from Japan who have donated one by one of the current number of books we have. 
We request for more donation of books. And for phase one we are looking for one thousand copies of books. Please donate any book to help this project stand.

If you have a copy to donate or advise please contact us

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Thank you in advance